[NEW] Clean Buddy Drop - Multipurpose Cleaner Refill Tablet comes with 4 tablets 500ml

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Clean Buddy: Starter Kit

Starter Kit
Refill Kit

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Cleanbuddy Drop is a multipurpose cleaning tablet refill.

It comes with 4 delicious scents:
1) Eucalyptus Mint Crisp (green drop)
2) Orange Gingerbread (orange drop)
3) Mango Peach Punch (yellow drop)
4) Butterscotch Vanilla (pink drop)
all carefully picked and curated to make your cleaning experience a pleasant one.

It is suitable for everyday mild stains, including grease, grime, oil, dust, and many more!

You can use it on countertops, greasy stoves, mirrors, sinks, and any hard surfaces. You can also use it on fabrics to deodorize. And also as a floor cleaner.

Simply drop 1 tablet in any bottle spray you have (recycle to save the earth) in 500ml warm water, wait until it fully dissolves around 15 mins and time to clean.

This tablet is economical. Only RM5.00 for 500ml of cleaner.

This cleaner is made from natural ingredients, making it safe for pregnancy, kids and pet.

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Clean Buddy

Starter Kit, Refill Kit


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